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Talking About What Matters to Employees

What Are My Rights in a Layoff?

Layoffs are inevitable. Companies fail. Business needs change. Twitter recently announced that 9 percent of its employees are being laid off. IBM is continuously laying off employees while hiring new employees to replace them. The University of California – San Francisco is outsourcing many of its information technology jobs to India. The list goes on.

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Decipher Your Paystub

California has very stringent laws regarding when and how employees must be paid. To make sure the laws aren’t ignored, employers are required to provide lots of information on paystubs. But do you really understand all the information you are receiving?

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What’s in Your Personnel File? – Part 2

In California, employees have a legal right to review and copy their personnel files. Part 1 of this article explained the reasons why employees should consider finding out what’s in their personnel files.

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But, Don’t They Have to Give Me Severance?

Each week, our office receives dozens of calls from prospective clients. And, virtually every week, at least one of these callers asks: “doesn’t my employer have to pay me some severance?”

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What’s in Your Personnel File? – Part 1

A personnel file can serve as the road map to a person’s employment. It often contains the initial employment application, performance evaluations over the years, commendations the employee has received, as well as disciplinary records or other written documentation critical of the employee’s performance.

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Be Sane and Leave Drinking at Work to Mad Men...

In the AMC Series “Mad Men,” most of the partners have bars in their offices. The three martini lunch is alive and well. Everyone drinks, often to excess. And alcohol-fueled office parties often lead to disastrous consequences. Indeed, who can forget the episode in Season 3 when, during a wild office party, a John Deere lawnmower, piloted by drunken Lois, takes off the foot of a visitor from England.

In most offices, drinking of the type seen in “Mad Men” is a relic of the past.

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