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Talking About What Matters to Employees
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The Top Five Wins for Workers’ Rights in 2014

The Employee Matters marks the end of 2014 with a“Top Five” list. Interest in “Top Ten” or “Top Five” lists is so immense that psychologists have even coined the term the “Top Ten Effect,” to describe the “bump” that items on such a list receive in terms of sales. A list of the top developments in employment law may not cause a run on any stores, but policy makers and working people should take note (drum roll please) as we now count down the list of five developments that will change the landscape of employee rights as we enter the new year.

Oakland Raiders Seek to Force Cheerleaders into Secret Arbitration Before NFL Commissioner; Deny Them Jury Trial in Wage Theft Case

In response to a class action lawsuit (Lacy T. v. Oakland Raiders) filed by Raiderettes alleging wage theft and other violations of California labor law, team owners have filed a motion to force the cheerleaders out of court and into individual and secret arbitration before the NFL Commissioner.

“This is an attempt to avoid public scrutiny of the adjudication of the cheerleaders’ claims that Raiders’ management has engaged in illegal employment practices for years,” said Sharon Vinick of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams, the Bay Area law firm representing the cheerleaders. “The owners want to have this employment issue decided by one man whose pay is dependent on the very teams that engage in the illegal conduct.”

Second Raiderette Adds Her Name to Class Action Lawsuit

Attorneys for the Raiderettes class action have filed an Amended Complaint, adding a second plaintiff as a class representative. The new plaintiff, Sarah G., has been a Raiderette for four years and last season was co-captain of her line. The Amended Complaint, like the original complaint, alleges that the Oakland Raiders engaged in wage theft and other unfair employment practices. Sarah G. alleges that she was not paid wages in a timely manner, and was not paid minimum wage.

Raiderettes Class Action Lawsuit Claims Oakland Raiders Management Are Committing Wage Theft

On January 22, 2014, the partners of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP filed a lawsuit against the management of the Oakland Raiders on behalf of current and former members of the Raiderettes, the NFL club’s popular cheerleaders. A toll free hotline has been set up for calls about this lawsuit. If you are a current or former Raiderette or if you have any information about NFL cheerleader pay practices, please call toll free, 1-844-318-7700 or click here.

The Employee Matters Wishes Workers Living Wages for a Happy Thanksgiving

You have probably seen this photo of a food drive for Wal-Mart employees. It has gone viral on the internet. But did you know that Wal-Mart’s CEO makes more in an hour than many full-time Wal-Mart workers make in an entire year?

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