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Talking About What Matters to Employees
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The Employee Matters is Recruiting You!

This blog is for anyone who believes that employees matter. And those who believe that fair employment practices lead to better workplaces. We know that description includes a lot of thoughtful, hard-working employees. We hope it also includes a lot of human resources professionals, diversity consultants, career coaches, management consultants, and managers.

The authors of this blog are employment rights attorneys who spend most of our time trying help people who have endured workplaces where something has gone terribly wrong. Collectively, we have almost 100 years of experience in representing employees in workplace disputes. In the course of our work, we have seen how decisions made by managers and employees have landed everyone involved in a lot of very hot water. Like a gripping movie, the story behind every lawsuit is filled with turning points – moments when someone made a decision that changed the course of events. Having narrated hundreds of these stories for juries, arbitrators, and judges, we would like to share the strategies and perspectives that could help you to make the best decision when there is a problem in the workplace, or, at the very least, to understand the implications of the decisions you make. We won’t be offering legal advice, of course. (That only comes with an attorney-client relationship.) But we will certainly make practical suggestions based on our experience in litigating employment cases.

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