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darci E. burrell  |  LinkedIn  |  510-318-7704

Darci Burrell's dedication to advancing the rights of society's less powerful is equaled only by her devotion to the rule of law. An unyielding advocate for her clients, Ms. Burrell's innovative...more »


jean k. hyams  |  LinkedIn  |  510-318-7703

Over two decades ago, Jean Hyams left a successful career in high technology marketing to pursue her dream of becoming a civil rights lawyer. Jean believes that employers who institute good...more »


LESLIE f. levy  |  LinkedIn  |  510-318-7705

Leslie Levy brings a lifelong passion for social justice to her employment discrimination law practice. In addition to representing employees, her record includes pioneering lawsuits against...more »


sharon r. vinick  |  LinkedIn  |  510-318-7702

As a child, Sharon's favorite retort to any perceived injustice (no matter how large or small) was "that's not fair." Her parents jokingly told her that she should be a lawyer, and by the age of 10...more »


KATHERINE SMITH  |  LinkedIn  |  510-318-7710

Katherine, who is an associate with the firm, was the first recipient of the Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP law fellowship for talented new lawyers committed to pursuing a career...more »